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Introducing Power Path

Istation's newest experience for PreK-8

Simplified | Streamlined | Subscription-Based

Watch these videos for a sneak peek into Power Path:

Power Up with Istation in a BIG way - Introducing the Power Path_1.mp4

Power-Up with Istation

Introducing the all-new Power Path.

Let Istation Make Things Easier with the all-new Power Path_1.mp4

Let Istation Make Things Easier

Learn more about Istation's Power Path.

So what exactly is the Power Path?

The all-new Istation Power Path is a series of power-ups (releases) designed to simplify, streamline, and prioritize subscription-based content for PreK-8 students. Each new power-up will include a number of updates to provide students more agency and choice.

Who can participate?

This power-up will be opt-in only at the state, district, and campus levels for accounts with PreK-8 student users for the 2020-2021 school year. Please note: All Istation customers will be moving to Power Path in August 2021. We've had an overwhelmingly positive response to this new elementary experience and look forward to getting everyone enrolled.

Does the Power Path involve a new subscription or additional costs to campuses?

Absolutely not! The Power Path is included for all PreK-8 Istation subscribers choosing to take part.

When is the Power Path available?

The Power Path is available now. Your district/campus may elect to participate by notifying your Istation representative. When activated, the district/campus manager receives a confirmation email. Your Istation rep will help ensure you are aware and notified once the change occurs.

Does the Power Path require specialized training and instruction for educators or students?

Power Path is designed to simplify, streamline, and improve the overall student experience. Therefore, we do not anticipate a need for specialized or extended training. The Power Path features and options minimize distractions, offer more intuitive dashboards, and promote student agency. They are designed to empower students to be super self-starters and partners in their own learning process. We will offer multiple training tools and resources to ensure an easy transition to Power Path, including a short tutorial for students upon first login.

Does the Power Path have any additional tech requirements for campuses?

To take advantage of this new experience, you'll need the most recent version of the Istation application. Outside of that, there are no additional technical requirements for this power-up.

What if I have additional questions or need help?

Please reach out to your Istaton representative. For topics related to Power Path implementations or technical issues, please reach out to Customer Success through or by calling our support team at 1-866-883-7323, option 2. For general feedback, you can also reach us via email at

If we are piloting one or more of your products, will we have the ability to view the Power Path?

Yes! Please work with your rep to determine which products you will have access to within the Power Path.

Will campuses using the classic version see any updates?

Yes! There were multiple updates released and implemented as part of our school-to-home initiative during the past year which will be visible to classic student users moving forward. These updates include:

  • Reduced dialogue

  • System prompts

  • Navigational help

  • Chimes (audio cues)

  • Product descriptions

  • Information button

Will students have choices for their language preferences?

All menus and interface options will be in English for Reading and Math. For Spanish, these same options will be in Spanish. We are exploring the possibility of a language toggle for future power-ups.

If we opt-in for the all-new Power Path now and later decide it’s not for us, can we request to move back to the classic version?

Yes! Opt-outs will be permitted at the state/district/campus level.

What about students in grades 6-8? Are there plans to update the images and overall design for older students?

We are currently exploring possibilities with our Middle School Product Manager and development teams regarding updates to the Power Path design for middle school users as part of a future power-up. Although we lack a clear timeline on this, we are actively working to move towards expanding the Power Path design features for middle school.

What will future power-ups include?

The Power Path is divided into multiple phases or power-ups. Future power-ups will include some or all of the following:

  • Suggested lessons based on ISIP subscores

  • Ipractice improvements

  • Customizable player avatars

  • Gamification (i.e., rewards, trophies, badges, avatar items)

  • New login screen

  • Background customization

Please note: This list is subject to change.

How will you collect data and feedback from Power Path users?

We are in the process of establishing multiple feedback channels for Power Path users. These channels will include in-app feedback opportunities, surveys, and focus groups.

Where can current customers find more information about Power Path?

Current customers can visit the IUG Power Path article to learn more and access all training materials.