Power Path Visual Guide

A curated POWER PATH with encouraged exploration

Simplified | Streamlined | Subscription-Based

Character Selection

Available customization at first login and on-demand

Available March 2021

Theme Selector

Available customization at first login and on-demand

Mega Menu

Minimized distractions, student choice, and a fresh new look (themes available March 2021)

Super Sidebar

Student access to ISIP™ data, avatar, and rewards (access to theme selector starting March 2021)

Product Submenus

"Right for me" learning and practice activities

ISIP Data Dashboard

Accessible on-demand assessment data and student goal setting

In-App Feedback

Tailored by grade band

Available March 2021

Featured Button

Direct access to new content from Istation Reading, Math, and Español

Assignments Redesign

A simpler interface, with assignments separated by product, offering more student choice and assignment information

Ipractice Redesign

A 3-phase project focused on more organized content by grade, faster access to content, and easier navigation between grade levels