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Please note: ISIP at Home must be enabled for students to access these same views at home. Please click here to visit our all-new Interactive User's Guide article "ISIP at Home" for detailed information on how to manage your ISIP at Home options.

At first login, students choose an avatar.

PreK - 1

Grades 2 -3

Grades 4 - 5+

Then, students move to the Mega Menu.

Mega Menu options are based on user location and subscription(s).

Istation Reading Subscription

Istation Math Subscription

Istation Español Subscription

Istation Reading & Math Subscription

Istation Reading & Español Subscription

Istation Math & Español Subscription

Istation Reading, Math, & Español Subscription

After selecting a subject on the Mega Menu, students move to the selected Product Submenu.

Product Submenus vary based on user grade level, location, and subscription.

Istation Reading Product Submenu

Istation Math Product Submenu

Product Submenus provide a direct path to ISIP through the ISIP icon presented to each student.

Istation Español Product Submenu

Product Submenus also provide access to secondary product-specific content via the all-new Explore feature.

Students access the Explore feature by clicking the Explore icon in the bottom left corner of any Product Submenu.

ISIP Oral Reading Fluency is a cutting-edge assessment that uses voice recognition technology to automatically measure oral reading fluency for elementary students. Developed through a partnership with Boulder Learning Inc., ISIP ORF leverages decades of research in voice recognition and digital recording technology specifically designed for young, nascent readers. Watch this video to learn more!


Explore with Istation Reading

ISIP Modeling for PreK - 3

ISIP Oral Reading Fluency
for K - 5

ISIP ORF Start Screen

ISIP ORF Pre-Assessment Pop-Up


Explore with Istation Math

ISIP Modeling for PreK - 1

Istation is excited to announce that Spanish ISIP Oral Reading Fluency will be available for elementary students grades K-5 starting September 28, 2020. Developed through a partnership with Boulder Learning Inc., this cutting-edge assessment allows students to make recordings of themselves reading authentic, grade-leveled passages, which teachers can review and score at their convenience.


Explore with Istation Español

ISIP Modeling for PreK - 3

Spanish ISIP Oral Reading Fluency for K - 5

ISIP ORF Start Screen

Once students select an ISIP by clicking start on the ISIP icon, a transition pop-up confirms that they are ready to begin.

Students have two choices on this pre-assessment pop-up.

Option 1:
Click "ok" to begin the assessment.

For Istation Reading & Math all pop-ups are in English.

Option 2:
Click the "x" in the top right corner and return to the menu.

For Istation Español all pop-ups are in Spanish.

Once an ISIP is complete, students see a celebratory pop-up before moving to the ISIP Results Dashboard.

This celebratory pop-up is fully animated in the Istation app.

Istation Reading & Math Post-Assessment Pop-Up (in English)

Istation Español Post-Assessment Pop-Up (in Spanish)

Students visit the ISIP Data Dashboard immediately after completing an assessment.


Enhanced Student Data and Goals

The all-new Power Path ISIP Results Dashboard provides students with critical insight into their own performance, trends, and challenges. Students can use this data to set goals, track growth, and identify learning needs. The ISIP Results Dashboard provides students with access to recent results, assessment history, goals, subtest scores, and more!

Anytime all ISIP requirements are met, the ISIP icon is replaced with the "My Scores" icon on the Product Submenu.

ISIP Reading Completed

ISIP Math Completed

The "My Scores" icon takes students directly to the ISIP Results Dashboard when clicked.

ISIP Español Completed

ISIP-only subscribers have several additional bonuses as part of the Power Path. The Super Sidebar gives students on-demand access to character selections, session time, star earnings, and ISIP results.


Super Sidebar

Students can access their personalized Super Sidebar by clicking on their character icon (top right corner). It is accessible on both the Mega Menu and all Product Submenus.

Shortcut to ISIP

If students have a monthly or on-demand ISIP due, ISIP is always prioritized. When due for ISIP, students default to the assessment when attempting to access their ISIP results through the Super Sidebar. If all assessments are completed, students can launch to their personal ISIP Results Dashboard from here.

Students and teachers will also have multiple opportunities to provide in-app feedback while using the Power Path.


In-App Feedback

Designed to be quick and embedded as pop-ups throughout the user experience, questions will range from asking the user to select an image to reflect their overall feelings about an activity (such as thumbs up or thumbs down) to open response questions giving users an opportunity to type a response. The amount and type of in-app feedback questions presented to users is based on grade band.

Valuable Insight

Product analytics, combined with feedback from educators and students, will allow us to analyze many elements within the all-new Power Path. This data will help us keep our commitment to continually improving our products and ensuring the Power Path user experience is exceptional.

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