The Power Path Difference

Honoring our legacy while embracing the future

Simplified | Streamlined | Subscription-Based


Updates include:

  • Reduced dialogue

  • New system prompts

  • New descriptions designed to assist students

  • New info button

  • Added chimes for audible feedback

Power Path

Updates include:

  • New subscription-based product selection

  • More prominent greeting

  • Simplified menu with minimized distractions

  • New style

  • New student profile and star counter

  • Increased navigational help

  • New exploration button for secondary content

Student Agency


Character Selection

At first login, students are prompted to choose a character prior to accessing the newly designed Mega Menu. This character will be visible to students while using Istation’s all-new Power Path.

On-Demand Customization

Students can change their selected character any time by accessing their student profile in the all-new Super Sidebar. Future power-ups will allow students to customize additional features, such as backgrounds and character elements.

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Super Sidebar

Students can access their personalized Super Sidebar while working in Istation’s all-new Power Path by clicking on their character icon. This action will open the Super Sidebar, which gives students direct on-demand access to character selections, star earnings, and their ISIP™ results.

Student Profile

Students can view their character selection or change it, review their current star earnings, track session time, and access their personal ISIP Results Dashboard from the Super Sidebar.

Shortcut to ISIP

If students have a monthly or on-demand ISIP assessment due, they will receive a pop-up giving them the option to move directly into their assessment when attempting to access their ISIP scores through the sidebar. If all assessments are completed, students will launch to their personal ISIP Results Dashboard when selecting available ISIP scores within the Super Sidebar.

Scroll down to view more information on the Power Path ISIP Results Dashboard.

Minimized Distractions


Mega (Main) Menu

The Power Path Mega Menu is designed to help students reach the content they need faster than ever before. Forget wasted class time trying to guide students to the correct icons! Our new Power Path Mega Menu is simplified, streamlined, and subscription-based all while encouraging students to explore, discover, and take ownership of learning.

Managed Choice

The Power Path is built on the principle of managed choice. We want to give students a "right for me" learning experience designed for each unique user. Students will have access to the content most important to them first, while having opportunities to explore additional Power Path features as appropriate.

Traditional Path to ISIP

Power Path users will use the same initial step for accessing their ISIP assessments and instructional content (if applicable) as they do in the classic version of Istation. This should make this new experience an easy transition for most users.

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Easy Navigation


  • ISIP only students launch directly into ISIP for the product selected or remain on the Main Menu if no assessments are due.

  • ISIP & Instruction students launch directly into ISIP for the product selected (if due) or their learning path.

Power Path

  • All Power Path students (ISIP only and ISIP & Instruction users) launch to the all-new Product Submenu for the selected product.

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Product Selections


Product Submenus

Once students have selected a product from the Mega Menu, they are directed to product-specific submenus. These product submenus display options most relevant to the user based on their subscription and grade level.

ISIP only students will have access to products intended for ISIP-only users, such as the ISIP assessment and ISIP modeling.

ISIP & Instruction students will have access to products intended for ISIP & Instruction users, such as assignments, Ipractice, and Writing Rules! These options will depend on the student subscription and grade level, as well as their location when using the program.

Prioritized Content

Product Submenus will always prioritize ISIP if it’s due. In cases where students have an assessment to complete, the only available option on these submenus will be ISIP until completed. This ensures that all users due for ISIP assessments are directed there before gaining access to other content. Similarly, when teachers create assignments, the product submenu will prompt students and provide an indicator that an assignment exists.

School at Home

Eligible students will still have access to Istation at home through Ipractice. Ipractice gives students the opportunity to create their own interactive learning experience by interacting with the same content they know from the classroom.

Path to Lessons

Main Menu


The student learning path is accessed directly from Main Menu in Istation Classic. After selecting a product, students launch into their learning path when they are not due for an ISIP assessment.

Product Submenu

Power Path

For Power Path users, the student learning path is accessed directly from the product submenus, which students visit after selecting a specific product on the all-new Mega (Main) Menu. By selecting the option for lessons on a product submenu, students launch directly into their learning path when they are not due for an ISIP assessment.

The Power Path Difference

Step 1: Select a product from the Mega Menu.

Step 2: Select preferred option on the Product Submenu.

ISIP & Instruction students will always default to ISIP when an assessment is due. The Power Path only displays the 'Activities' icon once students have completed their required assessments. Otherwise, the 'Activities' icon is replaced with the 'ISIP' icon on the product submenu.

ISIP-only students will always see the option for ISIP along with ISIP modeling (where applicable).


Explore Button

The new Power Path Explore button holds secondary content for students based on their subscription and grade level. For example, an Istation Reading user may have access to ISIP ORF, Writing Rules, Books, and other similar resources when using the explore feature. Students may also have access to lessons, Ipractice, and assignments.

One Click to More Content

By clicking the Explore button, Power Path students will have immediate access to additional content. Available options will vary based on student subscriptions and grade levels and may include:


  • ISIP Modeling

  • Library (formerly known as Books)

  • Writing Rules

  • Intro to Computers Tutorial *through ISIP Modeling

Enhanced Student Data and Goals


ISIP Results Dashboard

The all-new Power Path ISIP Results Dashboard provides students with critical insight into their own performance, trends, and challenges. Students can use this data to set goals, track growth, and identify learning needs. The ISIP Results Dashboard provides students with access to recent results, assessment history, goals, subtest scores, and more!

The Power Path Difference


ISIP Data Limited Access

Istation Classic users will have limited student data and goal-setting resources. ISIP results will continue to automatically display during assessments (following each subtest), but ISIP results and data tools will not be available on demand.

Power Path

ISIP Data Accessible Anytime

Available and accessible by Power Path students on demand, the ISIP Results Dashboard can be accessed through the Super Sidebar ISIP score links. The ISIP Results Dashboard is also presented to Power Path students upon completion of all ISIP assessments.


Power Path ISIP Transition Screens

Students will now see ISIP transition screens celebrating the start and completion of each ISIP session as part of the Power Path. This new addition will aid Power Path users (and their teachers) in more easily recognizing when students are assessing or alternatively, engaging in other activities within our products. The transition screens will be in English for Istation Reading and Istation Math and in Spanish for Istation Español for this first power-up.

Pre-ISIP Pop Up (English)

Pre-ISIP Pop Up (Spanish)

Post-ISIP Pop Up (English)

Post-ISIP Pop Up (Spanish)

Product Analytics


In-App Feedback

Students will have multiple opportunities while using the all-new Power Path to respond to feedback questions. These questions are designed by grade band and will include developmentally appropriate question types. These questions will be quick and embedded as pop-ups throughout the student experience. Questions will range from asking students to select an image reflecting their overall feelings about an activity (designed for younger users) to open response questions for older students.

Valuable Insight

Product analytics, combined with feedback from educators and students, will allow us to analyze many elements within the all-new Power Path. This data will help us keep our commitment to continually improving our products and ensuring the student experience is exceptional for Power Path users.

Customer Feedback Loop

We will use feedback from customers and students along with the analytics that we gather from usage to help prioritize fixes, enhancements, and future features.